Welcome to Year 6

Year Six is a really important and exciting year for all the children.  Throughout the year children will be provided with a wealth of opportunities that are designed to help them develop into responsible, resilient and independent young people ready to make the transition to secondary school.  All children will be challenged to fulfill their academic potential, develop their independence and to contribute to the wider school community.

If parents or carers have any questions or queries during the academic year then please do not hesitate to contact the school office and make an appointment to see any of the Year 6 Team.

Year 6 Team

Mrs Kelly


Mr Barry


Mrs Fitzsimmons


Mrs Metcalf


Miss Forsyth


Miss Harper


Miss Johnson


Home Learning

Click on the link below to access The Oak National Academy to access learning resources and activities.


Throughout year 6 children read a variety of books, asking questions and developing understanding of inference and the author’s use of language. They use discussion and role-play to explore characters. They develop editing, proof-reading and peer-review skills. They plan, edit and write a story from a different character’s point of view as well as letters, diary entries and setting descriptions. Across the whole curriculum, children will be provided opportunities to plan, edit and write. We will be focussing upon handwriting and spellings each week and hope that you can help your child learn their spellings.


Year 6 complete daily maths activities designed to improve children’s ability to confidently solve a range of mathematical challenges. Topics include:

Daily Maths – Number

  • Place value and ordering numbers
  • Counting in powers of 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000
  • Negative and Positive numbers and using a thermometer
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Short and long division and multiplication

Mental Maths

  • Mental maths strategies
  • Times tables as well as the corresponding division facts.

In order to help your child learn their multiplication and division facts, please practice them as often as possible, using their homework.

Reading Homework

All children must read at least 10 pages every day at home, record what they have written in their reading diary and if possible talk about what they have read. This will help the children to develop the higher reading skills required for comprehension, deduction and inference.  Even if your child is a very fluent reader, it is still important that you take the time to hear them read as they will still come across words and phrases that they do not understand.  It is also enjoyable and exciting to talk to someone about the book you are reading.

PE Kits

Children in Year 6 will have P.E sessions each week. For this they will need a Park Brow kit of maroon t shirt, school jumper/ cardigan, black jogging bottoms and trainers.  Sometimes, P.E sessions may be taken outdoors and therefore the children will need to have warm clothing. Please send your child to school in their PE kit on Mondays.

Curriculum Highlights

Pyramid Spellings

Year 6 have been learning spellings using pyramids to help us remember each letter.

Types of Nouns

Year 6 demonstrated their knowledge of different types of nouns including proper, common and abstract nouns.


Year 6 explored the importance of electricity, researching different forms including natural electricity and solar power. We discussed associated dangers and identified appliances/ devices we couldn’t live without, including our mobile phones. We then drew circuit symbols for various electrical components.

Rose Blanche

During our English lessons we are studying the story of Rose Blanche, a young girl living in Nazi Germany. Rose is confused by the sudden changes in her hometown during WW2 and we have been discussing her emotions and thoughts. We shared our current knowledge and discussed things we would like to find out as we read the story.

Guided Read

During our Guided Read lessons we have been studying WW2 and the impact it had on countries around the world. Studying a text together as a class, we answered a range of questions using the text and images to support our answers. We encountered new vocabulary and discussed their meaning.


Year 6 enjoyed an active music lesson learning about tempo and beats for the song ‘Happy’. We discussed how the song makes us feel and shared ideas of what the song represents.

Circuit Building

Year 6 had a fun filled afternoon of circuit building using lamps and batteries to create complete circuits. We recapped on our knowledge of circuit symbols and enjoyed creating working circuits.

Mental Health Day

Year 6 enjoyed a fun filled day wearing yellow to raise awareness for mental health day. We created posters and colourful friendship chains. We discussed various emotions and the importance of sharing our feelings with other people. We discussed our worries and wrote down the different things that make us feel anxious and upset. We shared ideas of how to overcome the things that we worry about.