At Park Brow we believe in a whole child approach to PE which provides children with the opportunity to become physically confident whilst supporting their health, wellbeing and fitness. When planning lessons teachers access the high quality Get Set 4 PE online platform. As a result children are able to participate in a variety of team games, which encourage teamwork, respect and fairness. They can also compete against themselves and others whilst being challenged to improve their physical, social, emotional and thinking skills. Get Set 4 PE is planned so that progression is built into the scheme which ensures our children are increasingly challenged as they move up through the school.

End KS 1

At the end of KS1 pupils will have a secure understanding and fundamental skills (agility, balance and coordination) across PE. They will become increasingly more active and develop a love of Sport and Physical Education whatever their ability.

End KS 2

At end of KS2 pupils will realise their full potential and develop a lifelong interest in participating in physical activity and sport whatever their innate ability in PE so that they can live active, healthy lifestyles.

Pupils will develop their physical, social, creative, personal and cognitive skills through Physical Education, Competitive Sport and  extra -curricular opportunities beyond the classroom.

This will support their self -confidence, physical fitness, weight management, self -discipline, reduce stress and develop life -long learning skills.

Our PE curriculum aims to ensure children:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives

All children at Park Brow have the opportunity to take part in a range of exciting sporting competitions and clubs throughout the year. After school clubs are run by Active Soccer coaches and include hockey, basketball, cricket, football and athletics.

Sporting Achievements

Cross Country

The cross country team has had two races so far both of which were held at All Saints. The boys did really well, securing a medal winning place in both races.  However, the girl’s team really shined as they achieved 1st place in both events with all four girls securing a medal position in the first event.  We are now looking forward to our next race after Christmas and we will be training hard in the meantime.  Well done everybody who took part.

British Athletic Cross Challenge

Three of our children were selected to run for Knowsley in the British Athletic Cross Challenge, which took place on 23rd November at Sefton Park.  The children really enjoyed the experience even though it was a wet & muddy morning.

Knowsley School Sports Partnership

On Friday 29th November 20 of our Year 5&6 children took part in a play leaders course which was delivered by Dave Sweeney from Knowsley School Sports Partnership.  The children were chosen as they have shown the potential to be future leaders.  Dave trained them to play various games, encouraging respect, self-belief, teamwork, determination, passion and honesty, qualities which are highlighted as our school games values.  He was very impressed by our team of play leaders and they will now go on to support our Key Stage 1 children at playtimes and lunchtimes.