Year 5

Welcome to year 5’s page. Here you will find information about what we do in year 5. You will be able to see photographs of some of our wonderful work and see some of our displays. Within year 5 we will be studying a wide variety of topics in a creative way and we will be having daily English and Mathematics sessions. We are beginning our exciting curriculum, which we hope will thoroughly engage both you and your children.


English will begin with looking at Grace Nichol’s ‘Cosmic Disco’ where the children will explore a selection of poetry and apply the poetic techniques to their own writing. They will have the opportunity to use art and drama to explore the texts and to create several of their own poems. Following this Year 5 will then study Frank Cottrell Boyce’s ‘Cosmic’. They read the book, asking questions and developing understanding of inference and the author’s use of language. They use discussion and role-play to explore characters. They develop editing, proof-reading and peer-review skills. They plan, edit and write a story from a different character’s point of view.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday’s the children will focus upon spellings in the day through the discussion and introduction of spelling patterns, playing games and through the use of a new programme ‘Spelling Shed’. The children have all been given their own personal login and will be able to access this programme from home. On occasion we may set homework tasks through Spelling Shed too, this allows the children to revisit spellings from previous year groups that they may not feel secure with yet but also encourages the new spelling lists for Year 5 and 6. The spellings provided are taken from the national statutory lists and will be assessed at the end of Year 6 so it is essential that these words are embedded now.

Across the rest of the year the children will explore several other fiction texts taken from the Power of Reading; such as Skellig, The London Eye Mystery and Varmints. We will also look in depth at the non- fiction text; Shackleton’s Journey – this text allows us to discover Antarctica and North America and directly links to our Geography topic about Biomes and Human and Physical Geography.

In Guided Reading, we will be reading a selection of poems, song lyrics, poetry and non-fiction texts. The children will develop their comprehension, inference and deduction skills through carefully adapted questioning, which also link to grammar and spellings. Reading Eggs will continue to be used throughout the school to encourage Reading at home. Remember, if your child has read a book on Reading Eggs they can record this in their green diary to earn their Reading Challenge sticker.


During the autumn term, the Year 5 children will be exploring number. This includes; place value and ordering numbers, counting in powers of 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000, negative and positive numbers and using a thermometer, addition and subtraction and using Roman numerals.

On Mondays we will focus on arithmetic to ensure that the children are able to use and apply their knowledge of number work. On Fridays the children will be able to focus upon times tables for both their morning and afternoon starter activities. This year we have introduced the new system ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’, each child has their own personal login and is able to access the programme from home. This programme enables the children to practise their times tables and challenge their friends too in order to collect coins. We hope that you can support your child this year through encouraging the use of this online game.

As the year progresses the children will move onto fractions, decimals and percentages, which will also help to develop their knowledge of tables and division. Following this we will look at shape and measure, which develops the children’s understanding of 2D and 3D shapes and how to develop nets, the children will begin to understand angles of shapes as well as the perimeter and area, we will explore the conversions of measurements and apply this to our learning through creating Design Technology projects. Time will be revisited in Year 5, this will include both analogue and digital, we would encourage all parents to reinforce the learning of time at home, as this is a life skill that must be embedded for everyone. Lastly we will explore data through the use of computing, maths and science as the children will learn to read and create graphs and timetables and this will be applied to many lessons.


In Earth and Space we will look at the different planets, relative sizes of the planets within the Solar System, we will explore the orbit of the Earth and Moon and how this effects our day, month and year. The children will also have the opportunity to undertake a variety of investigations. Our Science topic is linked to our English work also, so the children will continue their exploration of Science within their English lessons.

The children will take part in a Virtual Reality tour of Space and learn about the planets as they take a virtual tour around Space.

Across the year the children will also explore the use of magnets, materials, changes of states, reversible and irreversible processes, filtering to produce new solutions, the life cycle of humans and animals and the food chain. When we visit the human life cycle we will discuss the different stages of development in humans.