Art & Design

At Park Brow, we believe that every child is an artist and all final creations are celebrated. We promote creative exploration and provide children with a broad range of activities to develop and strengthen their skill set throughout their journey from Early Years to Year 6. Following the expert led scheme ‘Kapow!’ children participate in high quality opportunities to discover and use different painting, drawing and sculpting materials a wide variety of ways. Children are exposed to a range of artists and architects, reflecting on their pieces and are encouraged to apply their techniques to inspire their own creations.

End KS1

  • At the end of KS1 pupils will feel confident in their artistic ability and begin to feel secure in their ability to express themselves and become proud of their achievements.
  • Building on their experiences of EYFS they will have embedded the foundations of artistic skills and understanding. Pupils will also be gaining an understanding of some key artists.

End KS2

  • At the end of KS2 pupils will have built on their experiences of KS 1 and developed a personal artistic skill to communicate and experiment in a creative and varied manner.
  • They will feel confident in their own abilities, be able to express themselves and feel proud of their achievements.
  • Pupils can evaluate their own and others work and are have an understanding of a wide range of artists, cultures, diversity and History.

Art aims
Our Art Curriculum enables pupils…

  • To develop an enjoyment of creative art and see themselves as artists.
  • To be able to express their own ideas, through art and give meaning to the world around them.
  • To be able to use a range of materials, tools and techniques at a comfortable level for them.
  • To be able to be critical in evaluating their own and other people’s work, giving an opinion on what they think might improve the piece of work.
  • To develop an awareness of how art relates to other areas and the influence it has upon the world in which we live.

If you would like any further information about our art curriculum, then please contact Miss Rossin – Art Coordinator.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

The Park Brow drawing challenge provides 30 days of creativity for all ages. Your children can enjoy a different theme each day whilst expressing their creativity through any media they choose.

30 day drawing challenge

Step by Step Drawings

Below are some examples of drawings you can try at home. Follow the simple steps to explore line and form, then add colour to finish your wonderful drawings. Enjoy!

Art Club

During our popular art club we used lots of different materials, such as pastels, paints, plasticine and crayons, to create our masterpieces. We also learned about different art techniques including printing, collage, shading and using colour tones.

Observational drawing

Year 2 had a lovely relaxing afternoon using our sketching skills to draw our sunflower plants.

We experimented with our pencils, seeing what different marks it can make. We then transferred these skills to create some fabulous observational drawings.

Art at Kirkby High School

Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful Art Workshop at Kirkby High School where they studied the work of LS Lowry. Working collaboratively as part of a creative team, the children created a colourful masterpiece with separate sections. Once complete they organised their artwork into a large scale replica of “Going to Work”. Well done Year 5!

Andy Warhol

Year 2 created a large scale Pop Art masterpiece showing the face of Andy Warhol. This colourful artwork was created in separate sections using bold colours, then assembled to reveal the face of Warhol.

The Great Fire of London

Inspired by pieces of art work that we have looked at in our history lessons depicting the Great Fire of London, the children wanted to create their own fire paintings. We decided to use our mark making skills to work on a larger scale to create a burning backdrop. We used a mixture of different media and fiery tones and were really proud of the finished effect!

The children created buildings for the foreground, using shapes, strong line work and other marks in the style of Kyle Henderson; our focus artist for this half term who creates some amazing architectural pieces.