In reception we learn through play. We have many different areas both indoors and outdoors such as the creative area, reading corner and construction space where we investigate, explore and learn many new things.

We learn to read and write letters, simple words and sentences, use numbers and create lots of models and paintings which we love to send home to show to our grown ups.

In the classroom we also have a Funky Fingers area where we do finger gym to make our fingers super strong which will help us have great handwriting and challenge areas where we practice our numbers, letters and sounds.

Getting Ready for Reading Books

Before your child is given a reading book to bring home they need to know what sound the letters make and then be able to sound out the word and blend back together.   The sounds we have learned this term are s a t p i n m d.

  • Some children will be given games to help them recognise the letter sounds we have learned so far.
  • Some children will be given games to help them hear the first sound in a word and match the correct letter.
  • Some children will be given a game where they have to move around the track and sound out the word they land on.
  • Some children will be given a matching game where they sound out the word and match to the correct picture and then use the letters to make their own words.
  • Some children will be given a reading book and then get games that include tricky words.

PLEASE remember that each child is different so not all children will be on the same game or book at the same time.

What is Development Matters?

Development Matters is guidance material to support the teaching and implementation of the statutory requirements of the EYFS for Nursery and Reception age children

Development Matters

Birth to 5

Please click on the link below to access the Birth to 5 document.

Birth to 5 Matters