Starfish Centre

Our Early Years Philosophy

‘Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

In the Starfish Centre our children love to engage in daily activities which help to promote their social interaction, communication skills and their physical development.

Our two year old room is specially designed for our youngest learners with the furniture and provision tailored to their needs. Our children have access a role play area, small world/construction area, water, sand and creative play as well as their own secure outdoor area.

Some of our most recent learning highlights have involved our children engaging in imaginative play which has helped them to develop a sense of their own world and being able to express themselves through play based on their own first-hand experiences.

At Park Brow our Starfish Centre provides our youngest children with the two year Old Early Learning Education Offer.  Our high quality two year old childcare provision offers part time places which are Government funded. To be eligible for one of these places you must meet certain criteria.  For more information regarding this you can contact your Health Visiting Team, Social Worker, your Local Children’s Centre or alternatively contact Miss Floyd at Parkbrow Primary School.