What is DESTY Island?

DESTY is a safe, fun, interactive world where children learn about themselves, their feelings and how to become emotionally resilient.


Module 1: About Me

Getting to know the child, building the mentor-child relationship and developing friendship and self-awareness skills.

Module 2: My Feelings Tower

Supporting the child to recognise and relate to key emotions and to link thoughts to feelings to improve emotional awareness and emotional literacy skills.

Module 3: My Feelings Workshop

Empowering the child to problem-solve and implement strategies, including Mindfulness, to deal effectively with their emotions, thereby developing emotional resilience.


This is a one to one, individualised and targeted programme where child and mentor Mrs Forsyth work together over an average of fourteen 30-minute sessions aimed at building children’s emotional resilience.

Who would benefit from DESTY?

  • Children aged 6-11 years old
  • Children who have difficulty expressing his or her emotional needs?
  • Become anxious when not in the company of parents or carers?
  • Become easily frustrated and prone to angry outbursts?
  • Seem to display attention-seeking behaviour?
  • Highly sensitive or dependent on what other think of him or her?
  • Often have meltdowns at home, school or in public places?


If you feel your child may need emotional regulation support please speak to your child’s class teacher or contact Mrs Forsyth 0151 477 8540