Bereavement & Separation Support

When something significant happens in a family, the entire family is affected. Even though death, divorce, criminality or other loss issues appear to be grown-up problems, they have an enormous effect on the children who are touched by such experiences. If a parent dies, a divorce happens or a painful loss occurs, not only do the parents grieve but also children too.

Park Brow Community School believes that adapting a holistic approach to the support and care of its pupils. Death is not seen as an illness – it is normal and an inevitable part of human existence. When bereavement occurs, it can affect a variety of people not just the family concerned. It is inevitable that at some point Park Brow Community School will have to deal with the death of a member of its community.

To this end, we recognise that work needs to be carried out to ensure that families, children and young people are given:

  • the opportunities to develop skills to cope with loss and grief and
  • have access to appropriate information and support when needed.

Please contact Miss Connell, Miss Burke or Mrs Wolohan for any further information regarding support for a child.